About Us


Who We Are

We're a company of plant nerds. We think plants are the future and we want to help people everywhere enjoy the benefits of growing their own organic food at home - no matter what your abilities, space, or budget.

Our mission is to make gardening easy for everyone by making it affordable and accessible. And our vision? To create an urban garden revolution that will change the way our cities grow food in the future!

Plant3r was founded on a love for all things green, but most importantly, on a deep respect for nature's ability to provide nourishment for us all.

I was having tea late at night with my friend who was a guard at the Turkish embassy at the time and he happened to ask why so few people garden in the DC area despite the fact that the soil there was better than the best soil in Turkey. I gave him the usual answers one might have to a question like that. Most people are too busy, the process is complicated, not enough space to plant. But it didn't satisfy me and I was haunted by the question to this day. I decided to do something about it and started working on the planting tool a few years later.

Clifton Hartsuff, Founder and CEO, Plant3r

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plant3r?

Plant3r is a virtual assistant and smart hand tool (coming soon!) which allows you to plant smarter, faster, and more efficiently. We simplify the planting process, whether you are a container gardener in a city, have a small garden in your backyard, or are looking to go big and make your small garden into a farm. We’re adding new capabilities each week so be sure to follow us on social media and check back regularly at plant3r.com.

What is Plant3r Space? Coming Soon!

Plant3r Space is a garden design and delivery service pioneered by Plant3r. Wondering what to do with your backyard or spare ground space? Looking for ways to go green without all of the hard work? Plant3r Space to the rescue. You can set up your garden design using our convenient plant or meal based planning system and then arrange for delivery and installation by one of our local professionals. The online designer is still under development, but you can try our convenient Plant3r Assistant and get a feel for how it will work in the very near future.

What is Plant3r Assistant?

Plant3r Assistant is our revolutionary container garden designer which reduces the time it takes to plan a container garden from hours to minutes. Just answer a few questions and we send you a fast start guide for your container garden via email. (Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming release of the smart hand tool and full garden designer in the coming weeks)

Why can I only choose one type of plant at a time?

To keep things as simple as possible we decided to generate a garden design for one type of plant at a time. You can use the Plant3r Assistant as often as you like though. (It’s free!) It’s totally cool to generate one design for each of the plant types you would like to grow.

How do you know how many plants will fit in each pot or container?

The present version of Plant3r Assistant is focused on container gardening. Based on our research, most types of popular garden plants require at least a five-gallon equivalent of planting space for successful growth. This is why smaller plants such as carrots or peas will have a high number of plants per pot in comparison to a tomato plant.

Why do you ask me how large my planting space is and use examples like “window sill” and “swimming pool”?

The hardworking team at Plant3r understands that everyone is busy and might not have time to take out a tape measure to measure their container garden grow area. Because of this, we decided to keep it simple and use general areas of a home or apartment that most people are familiar with as space ‘measurement’.